Nail Reconstruction

Wilde-Pedique toenail reconstruction nail is a prosthetic or gel nail covering developed by Light Concept Nails (LCN) which provides a temporary cosmetic improvement to damaged and unsightly toenails. The specially designed gel is specifically for use on toenails and is bonded permanently to the exposed nail where it usually remains until it grows out. This can last up to 3 months, however at LNLC we believe that removing the gel after 6 weeks is best in order to ensure the nail is growing out well.

Wilde-Pedique gel is non-toxic, non-absorbent, slightly flexible (so it is less likely to crack in shoes) and shaped to fit your nail. Nail wraps or acrylic nails used in nail salons that are glued or bonded to the nails can be too brittle or damage the nail and can also allow moisture between the layers of nail causing damage whereas Wilde-Pedique seals the area preventing this. Wilde-Pedique gel contains an antimycotic agent called Piroctone Olamine that not only provides protection to the nail but keeps fungal infections at bay. It is not used as a standalone treatment for nail fungus though.

This treatment can be applied to any nail condition provided there is a nail to attach to. It works well on loosely attached or lifted nails holding attaching them to the nail bed as they grow. Damaged, thick or fungal nails that don’t grow fully or are deformed are transformed with Wilde-Pedique.

Nails are cut back and filed using the electric spray file before applying the Wilde-Pedique gel. The nail is set using ultraviolet light and will be hard before you leave.

Wilde-Pedique will instantly improve the appearance of the nail and provides a protective cover thus alleviating any tenderness caused by trauma. The treatment is useful for covering both fungal infected nails and those suffering from damage due to trauma, for example bruising from playing sport or wearing tight shoes, or from a stubbed or trodden on nail.

Both men and women benefit from using Wilde-Pedique as we can closely match the colour of the gel to your natural nail colour. Once treated, nail polish can be applied to Wilde-Pedique without having a negative effect on the natural nail.