After Care Pack

1 Shoe Hygiene Spray 500ml. 1x Clotrimazole Cream 20g. 1 x Terbinafine Cream 30grm. 1 x Lamisil Spray 15ml. 1x Daktarin Cream 30g

£29.60 — £44.00

This is a basic pack for the aftercare treatment and management of nail fungal infection and athlete’s foot. Use these products one after the other finishing each one, until all the creams have been used.  All these creams should be used every day on all nails, inbetween the toes and entire foot.  The shoe spray should be used in ALL shoes and slippers on a weekly basis to kill off bacteria and aid in fighting the infection while sanitizing any shoe odour.

There may be variations in packaging. The contents of this pack may vary but value remains the same.


Please note that due to transport legislation and the restriction on aerosols we are unable to post the Shoe Hygiene Spray and the Lamisil spray internationally from the UK.