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New SteriShoe+ Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer


Uses an Ultraviolet light to kill 99% of bacteria and fungus from footwear eliminating the germs that cause odour and infections of the feet. One size fits all, takes 15 minutes to work.


Shoe Hygiene Spray (Large Can 500g)


The London Nail Laser Clinic Shoe Spray is a Fungicidal controlling the fungi which thrive in the shoes resulting in athletes foot and nail infections and bad odour.


Steri Shoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer


The SteriShoe is a device (a pair is provided) designed to kill the germs - both bacteria and fungus that live in the shoes. The environment of the shoes provides a breeding ground for germs which affect the foot, nails and health. This device will improve the foot environment, control odour and reduce the chance of infection.


Terbinafine Cream 1% 30g prescription or existing patient item only.

from £14.00

Terbinafine cream in a prescription size.