Steri Shoe Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

The SteriShoe is a device (a pair is provided) designed to kill the germs - both bacteria and fungus that live in the shoes. The environment of the shoes provides a breeding ground for germs which affect the foot, nails and health. This device will improve the foot environment, control odour and reduce the chance of infection.


Using germicidal ultraviolet light (UVC), the SteriShoe® shoe sanitizer kills the organisms that cause Toe nail fungus, Athlete’s foot and Offensive shoe door as well as maintaining a healthy environment for those prone to infections.

Available in Small, Medium (temporarily out of stock) & Large Size. Takes 45 mins to work.

(Please use straps provided to activate Sterishoe for open back shoes and sandals.)

To ensure the effectiveness of your SteriShoe, please change your light bulb every two years.

Size Options:

Small  –   UK 2-5/European 35-38
Medium  –  UK 5-9/European 38-43 (temporarily out of stock)
Large  –  UK 9-13 /European 43-48

Box Contains

2 SteriShoes (left and right)
instruction leaflet
240v power supply
2 bags to place shoes in during sanitation
strap to enable backless shoes and sandals to be sanitised

SteriShoe® is:

Very easy, safe and convenient to use
Completely chemical and drug free
A must for diabetics as part of their general foot care regiment

Power supply is AC 100-240V and is suitable for use in Europe.


Uses an UltraViolet light to kill 99% of bacteria and fungus from footwear eliminating the germs that cause
odour and infections of the feet. Available in Small, Medium & Large Size. Takes 45 mins to work.

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