Best Fungal Nail Treatment

Undoubtedly the best fungal nail treatment is laser treatment. Cold laser treatment has up to 95% success rate on fungal nail infections.

Cold lasers treat fungal nail infections by killing spores and stimulating blood with its healing properties into the affected area. Most people don’t know that the best fungal nail treatment needs to not only treat the toenail but the spores in the actual toe itself. If you don’t treat those spores in the actual toe than no amount of treatment on the actual nail will give a long-lasting Cure for fungal nail.

Fungal Nail Infection

Best Fungal Nail TreatmentA fungal nail infection happens when a patient’s toe comes in contact with fungal spores and then the toes are left in a warm and preferably damp environment for the spores to spread and expand throughout the toe. Perfect environment for catching a fungal nail infection are communal areas where patients will be barefooted. Examples of environments swimming pools, nail bars and anywhere where a patient may have pedicures.


Cure Fungal Nail

There are multiple ways that you can cure fungal nail infections. However, most treatments for fungal nail infections have a variety of success rates and risks attached to them. Topical treatments that you apply to the nail typically don’t work because they only treat the actual nail itself and so spores in the foot recover the area underneath the nail after you stop treating. You can get tablets from your doctor to cure fungal nail infections but there is a potential risk of the tablets giving you liver at damage so this is not something we would recommend, and may not solve the problem first time either. The two most effective forms of fungal nail treatments are both laser. Hot laser is effective but is uncomfortable to be treated with. The hot laser does as it says, it heats up the foot and is only as effective as your pain threshold will bear. The most painless, risk-free cure for fungal nail infections is cold laser and typically will cure fungal nail infections after only 2 to 4 treatments. For further details about our cold laser treatment contact the number above at the top of the page.