ShoeZap – a new version of SteriShoe+. UV light shoe sanitizer.

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PediFix ShoeZap 15 Minute UV Shoe Sanitizer is the fast, easy way to kill fungus and bacteria using UVC germicidal light. One-size sanitizer fits in any shoe and can also be used on small items that fit into the Protection Bag.

  • Kills Fungus & Bacteria That Cause Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Nails, Foot & Shoe Odor, Diabetic Infections
  • Keeps Shoes Clean & Hygienic – Without Toxic Chemical Sprays
  • Clinically Proven Technology
  • Easy, Safe & Effective

Box Contains: 2 Shoe Sanitizers (1 pair), 2 Protective Shoe Bags, User Manual, A/C Power Adapter, UV Warning Card & Product Registration Card.

Non-ozone producing, 3-Watt UVC bulbs included.

Shoes are warm, dark, and damp — the perfect breeding ground for germs that can infect your feet and make them smell. More effective than sprays and powders that can leave a toxic residue, ShoeZap® is the fast, easy way to kill fungus and bacteria that cause Athlete’s Foot, Fungal Nails, Foot and Shoe Odour, Diabetic Infections and more. Keeps shoes clean, more hygienic, and safer to wear. One size Sanitizer fits all footwear styles and sizes, so ShoeZap® will disinfect every shoe in your home and family — Men’s, Women’s, Teens, and Children. Shoes are the only article of clothing we never clean — until now. UVC germicidal light kills fungus and bacteria that thrive in shoes and cause Athlete’s Foot, toenail fungus (onychomychosis), foot and shoe odour, skin infections and more. Helps keep shoes ‘microscopically clean’, hygienic and odour-free, without the use of toxic chemicals. 15-minute automatic-off time cycle.