Watch out pregnant women – it’s not only your bump that gets bigger – often feet do too!

Kim KardAs if those seemingly endless 9 months weren’t enough to bear, try adding a 7lb bump and swollen feet into the bargain – not much fun!

Why do feet get bigger?
The obvious reason is fluid retention. Gravity pulls fluid down to the lower extremities resulting in ballooning ankles.
A lesser-known cause of enlarging feet during pregnancy is due to the secretion of hormone ‘relaxin’ during the 2nd trimester of pregnancy. This aptly named hormone helps to keep pelvic joints loose and ligaments soft, offering the baby a smoother journey down the birth canal.
Sadly, it’s not just the abdominal ligaments that loosen – those in the feet can too, resulting in toes spreading and feet seeming to get bigger.

Are the changes permanent?
Thankfully any fluid build up will subside after the baby is born, however for those of you who have suffered negative effects of softening ligaments, this could well be permanent.
Some women claim their feet have grown up to one size post pregnancy!

What can you do?
I advise if you can, to wear larger shoes that sit comfortably for the duration of your pregnancy. Try not to invest in anything too expensive, as you may need to revert to your old shoes around one month after the birth. Wearing tight shoes can cause or aggravate bunions or other painful foot issues such as ingrowing toenails, corns and calluses.
Keep those legs elevated whenever you’re sitting as this will help reduce swelling.

BlahnikThe good news is that your pregnancy will only last 9months (if you’re lucky!) The bad news is that your feet could grow with each pregnancy, so maybe hold off that Blahnik treat until after your family is complete!