Terms and Conditions

By booking an appointment at London Nail Laser Clinic (LNLC) you agree to the following terms and conditions.

Photography Consent

As part of the consent to treatment, you authorise us to take photographs, videos or other media of your nails to assist in monitoring the improvement.

Payment of Treatment

You agree to pay the full cost of treatment or treatment package at appointment when treatment is carried out.

Payment is accepted by credit or debit card, or cash.

Prices listed are current and are subject to change without notice.


We do not issue refunds for any treatments carried out. Refunds may be issued for treatments not taken, but paid for in advance. Any refunds issued will be subject to a 2.5% administration charge.

Cancellation of Appointment

We require that you provide 24 hours’ notice prior to cancellation of an appointment. The full appointment charge is payable where 24 hours’ notice is not given.

Online Bookings

We make every reasonable attempt to confirm your online booking automatically but cannot and will not be held liable for an error in the time, location or duration of the appointment. The type of appointment you select may not be appropriate for your condition or treatment plan and you will be liable for the correct cost of any treatment or advice given. It may be necessary that you return to complete your treatment.

We may need to move your appointment to maintain a smooth and complete diary. We will try and notify you of any conflict or alteration within 24 hours of your booking but this may not be possible.

Treatment Information

A medical history form will record details of your current state of health including any other medical conditions you have and any medication you are taking.

Treatment plan may be subject to change based on findings once plan has started and additional treatments may be advised.

Post-treatment care is an important part of the treatment and you must comply with all post treatment recommendations and instructions to give your treatment the best chance of success.

Progress made and recurrence of symptoms may be dependent on various factors beyond the control of London Nail Laser Clinic