Terms and Conditions

Photography Consent

As part of the consent to treatment, you authorise us to take photographs, videos or other media  of your nails to assist in monitoring the improvement. These media items may be used in documentation, for research or publication in any form but would never include any personally identifiable markings or details.

Treatment Consent

Prior to the PinPointe FootLaser treatment, the Podiatrist will discuss with you what is involved and ask you to sign a consent form. This is good practice in all medical procedures and investigations. It ensures you are provided with enough details and information to make a decision about the course of treatment.

Limitations of the Treatment

The PinPointe FootLaser is a treatment for fungal nail infections. If there is no infection, there is unlikely to be any change.

Whilst many cases resolve in a single course of the laser treatment, additional  treatment is often required especially in severe cases and is charged in addition to the initial treatment.

The nail may become reinfected if good prevention is not carried out. We provide written information following all treatments. Information is also detailed on this website regarding prevention.

The nail may continue to be discoloured or lifted from the nail bed. The shape, width or other deformity of the nail may not change.

The treatment is not 100% effective and no claim to provide a perfect result is claimed. Permanent damage to the nail or nail bed is common in long standing cases.

Cancellation of Appointment

We require that you provide 48 hours notice prior to cancellation of an appointment. A £80 charge is payable where notice is not given.

Online Bookings

We make every reasonable attempt to confirm your online booking automatically but cannot and will not be held liable for an error in the time, location or duration of the appointment. The type of appointment you select may not be appropriate for your condition or treatment plan and you will be liable for the correct cost of any treatment or advice given. It may be necessary that you return to complete your treatment.

We may need to move your appointment to maintain a smooth and complete diary. We will try and notify you of any conflict or alteration within 24 hours of your booking but this may not be possible. We advise telephoning to confirm you appointment before any travel tickets are purchased to check that the selection is correct. We will not be liable for any expenses occurred due to any errors in the booking system.

A deposit of £80 is required to confirm new laser treatment appointments and the appointment will not be confirmed until this has been paid. If you are requesting to pay by a finance plan please contact us before making your appointment so this can be agreed in principle prior to the treatment.