Patient Testimonials

I’ll tell you what was especially brilliant was that my feet are no longer itchy. I didn’t realise how the fungus affected the rest of my foot.

The nails are so much better. They dont scare my wife anymore.

Just a note to say I have just attended my appointment at Harley street and was charmed and grateful for the excellent attention I received.

Wow – this product is awesome! Worked like a charm right out of the box. I could immediately tell the difference – odor free shoes and when wearing the shoes I could feel the shoes had been sanitized. This is a great product to keep expensive business shoes in tip top shape. Thank you.

I am well chuffed with my nails. I went to the Rio Carnival this year and was able to wear open shoes without any embarrassment.

I have just removed some corns from one of your patients whom you saw in February 2011 for PinPointe FootLaser treatment.

I have to say I was most impressed they were all showing new healthy growth. I was a bit sceptical about laser but in this instance it has certainly worked.

The treatment has made an improvement far better than I expected than I thought it may had done. The nail has grown out in the year since treatment.

I can wear sandals this summer.

I am delighted, my sons wedding is in a couple of months and I am now able to show off my nails with pride. Thank you. (1 year after treatment)

I’m so pleased with the result of the treatment. It was only my big nail infected and now I can wear flip flops without embarrassment. The skin on that foot is also a lot softer and not flaky too.

After my second treatment I can see an amazing difference in my nails and am very happy. I’ve been able to wear open shoes without feeling self-conscious.

I am a Podiatrist in Wimbledon and would like to come and see the laser in practice. I have been impressed with the results on some of my patients following your treatment and want to find out more so I can refer to you when needed.

The product works as promised. Very easy to use. So far makes a perceptible difference.

The product exceeded my expectations and is fantastic. I have already recommended it to several of my long distance running friends. Thank you!

The PinPointe FootLaser has been the only treatment in the seven years of infection that has worked on my nails. Tablets for more than a year and longer with the lacquer made no impact. I have had to have three treatments with the laser but am so pleased my infection has gone and my nails are normal again.

Not having acknowledged that I had a foot problem before, I was somewhat apprehensive. The consultation was well conducted and I was pleasantly surprised that no attempt was made to sell me more expensive treatment than was warranted. A constructive and down to earth approach to my condition which is much appreciated and for which I am suitably grateful.

Quick email to let you know that Martine’s treatment of my nails has been successful. I believe that by September the nails had completely re-grown and I now have nice ‘pink’ moon shapes at the nail bed. Because of my circulatory problems I do have a few spidery splinter marks at the tips of my nails but they are no where near as unsightly as the previous problem.

It’s a miracle, nothing else had worked.

I have not seen my nails look this good for more than 20 years.